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Yeah, I'm probably the only person in the fandom who likes 2099: X-Nation and/or 2099: World of Tomorrow, but oh well. XD

Title: Broken
Fandom: X-Men 2099: X-Nation
Rating: G
Genre: General
Character: Wulff
Warning: None
Summary: When something's broken, you can't always fix it.

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X-Men essay anthology

Hey guys-- feel free to delete this post, as it doesn't have a drabble I've written in it, but I just wanted to recommend an X-Men related title that the small press I'm working for has published. It's titled The Unauthorized X-Men, and it's a collection of scholarly (and humorous!) essays on the X-Men in all mediums (film, comics, TV, etc.) There's an essay by Joe Casey titled "Playing God and Discovering my own Mutanity", about the art of writing X-Men comic books. Maybe you'll find an essay or two that will get you writing :) You can check out full essay previews here: http://smartpopbooks.com/allbooks/index.html#X-Men

Thanks for letting me pop in and hope you enjoy!
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Look, But Don't Touch

Title: Look, But Don't Touch
Author: Penmage
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Characters: X23
Timeline: Takes place during the 3-11: X23.
Rated: G
Feedback: This is my first fic. I'd love feedback, but be gentle, please!
Disclaimer: Not my characters - they belong to the people at Marvel.

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Title: Always A Family
Author: Krissy
Disclaimer: The X-Men belong to people at Marvel, not me. Really!
Author's Notes: This is comic based, and just a short drabble. Just the start of something I've been itching to get out lately. :D
Pairing: Nothing except random light implications.
Spoilers: Yep, to Uncanny X-Men's "Holy War" arc (#'s 423/424 & 427)
Words: 466 (Drabble, mostly)
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