Harry Potter (crimsonsnitch) wrote in xmendrabble,
Harry Potter

[[x-men movie 'verse]]

Scott, flustered, pulled at the pink scrunchy material of his suit. It was hot, and deathly, and Jean's laughter was edging him into a sour mood.

"It isn't -- funny," he ground out, which only made her laugh harder.

"Oh, but it is," she grinned broadly, and ruffled a hand against his head, which was quite a feat, when his head was feet taller, in the form of bunny ears. She leaned up and kissed his cheek, which was painted a rosy red. Scott wondered if she'd messed up the holidays. The Easter Bunny didn't have red cheeks. ...Did it?

Scott didn't reply to her, instead adjusted the suit again, and sighed, loudly. He took the basket that Jean held out for him, and wondered for a millionth time why he allowed her to talk him into these things, and headed for the staircase, intent for the kitchen.

He passed by Jubilee and Kitty, on his way down the stairs, and ignored their giggles -- and Jubilee's catcall -- and ignored the knowing looks that he received from Ororo, and Hank, who were talking at the bottom of the stairs. He ignored the laughter of Charles Xavier, and the surprised look of the brunette girl that was speaking to him, and he entered the kitchen, only to encounter Rogue, Bobby, and...

//I can't do it,// Scott whimpered. He was suddenly glad that Jean was a telepath.

//You will, and you can,// Jean assured him. //You lost the bet, so now its time to pay the price, Mister Summers.//

Grumbling to himself, he ignored the giggles from Rogue, and the smirk from Bobby, and approached the third member of the kitchen. He set the basket on the table, and managed, through gritted teeth, "Good morning, Logan."

Logan, well... After one dubious snort at the ridiculous looking X-Man, he eyed the basket that Scott pushed closer to him. Chocolate... Chocolate... Wolverines?

"What the hell -- ?"

"Happy Easter," was all Scott said, and with a curt nod and flop of ears, left the kitchen, grinning broadly at the laughter that surrounded him.
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