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Yeah, I'm probably the only person in the fandom who likes 2099: X-Nation and/or 2099: World of Tomorrow, but oh well. XD

Title: Broken
Fandom: X-Men 2099: X-Nation
Rating: G
Genre: General
Character: Wulff
Warning: None
Summary: When something's broken, you can't always fix it.

I worked in construction for a portion of my life. I was good at it, people hired me, I got paid, I survived.

Repairing a broken structure was so easy after awhile. The instinct was there, and being the guy I am, I thrived on that. I could do any job the employer wanted, all because I'd adapted and developed that second nature for the work.

I watch these X-Nation rejects goofing themselves up on milk. I don't think I'm better off here, I was better off with the Wild Boys. These losers are so broken, I know nothing can ever fix them.
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