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Kitty hugged the textbook to her chest and stood in the doorway to his room, biting her lip. *His* room. She took a deep breath and poked her head further inside. He was on his bed, sound asleep. She smiled to herself as she fondly watched him lay there. He *was* rather nice to look at. His eyes were his best feature, she had mused the night before. They were usually dark and angry, but sometimes, you could detect something else. Sometimes when he was watching Jean, they were so light and filled with something Kitty couldn't identify. Maybe love. She didn't know.

"I know you're there, half pint."

Kitty jumped at the sound of his voice. "Oh, uh, hi Mr. Logan..."

"Was there something you needed?"

She racked her brain for something. Anything. "Homework!"

"Homework?" he sat up, giving her a suspicious glance.

//Good going, Pryde,// she thought. "Like yeah!" She glanced down at the textbook she held in her hands. English book. Well, she //did// have the Essay to write on someone of her choice... "I need to write an Essay," she said, "about someone I, like...uh...admire and look up to."

Okay, so it wasn't like a //total// lie. Just a partial one. The teacher didn't say specifics. Just someone important in life.

Logan raised an eyebrow at her. "Uh huh. And so you chose me."

Kitty nodded energetically. Now that she thought about it, Logan kinda was important. To the whole team.

"Yeah! You are totally cool and up with it all... Besides," she grinned, "I can't write it about Scott! He has his own to do!"

"He does."

"Yeah... everyone has these essays to do. We're, like, having some kind of 'Celebrate old people week.' Not that you're old," she said, "just someone not...young. 'Cuz you're not, old I mean... You're really, uh, sexy for someone your age. Um," she could feel her face heat up, "So I guess that kinda outs Scott, anyway..."

She was blushing and stammering and babbling. And her eyes were on the floor. Rogue liked to tease her when she got like this. Thank //God// she wasn't in the room now. Kitty'd never hear the end of it!

Logan stared at her for several seconds before he started laughing. And laughing. And laughing.

"It's not funny, you know!"

Logan only laughed harder.

Kitty stared at him. If she weren't offended by the laughter at her expense, she'd think he was even //more// sexy like that. Okay, she wasn't *that* offended. So she took this private moment and admired him for what it was worth. His face was so open while laughing. She almost wished he'd laugh more. But she, of all people, knew how little he had to laugh over.

Maybe writing about Logan would be a good thing. A moment like this could only be a hint of more to come. And maybe it would get her out of a Danger Room session or two. Well, either way, she wouldn't be bored!
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