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Title: Always A Family
Author: Krissy
Disclaimer: The X-Men belong to people at Marvel, not me. Really!
Author's Notes: This is comic based, and just a short drabble. Just the start of something I've been itching to get out lately. :D
Pairing: Nothing except random light implications.
Spoilers: Yep, to Uncanny X-Men's "Holy War" arc (#'s 423/424 & 427)
Words: 466 (Drabble, mostly)

Paige perched on her bedroom window sill, watching the sprawling grounds below her. Warren, Bobby, and Alex tossed a football around. It seemed like such a silly thing to do on one of their moments off, especially when so much was going on.

She watched as Bobby's toss went above Warren's head, and she couldn't help but admire him. All three were shirtless, and she wasn't ashamed enough to admit to a bit of ogling. It wasn't like any of the three were innocent to that pastime, anyway.

She giggled lightly as she heard Warren's loud apology, and Bobby's arguing that it wasn't *his* fault. Apparently the ball had hit someone. She glanced over to the side, to see who it was.

"I should've known," Paige commented to herself, out loud. Jono was sitting underneath a tree, and he tossed their football back and forth between his hands as he listened to the other two argue.

"Whatcha doin', Paigey?"

Paige jumped at the sound of her friend’s voice. Once she realized who it was, she smiled, and turned around and looked at her friend. "Just watchin' the boys." A pause, "Don't call me Paigey."

Jubilee peeked out the window and smiled, ignoring Paige's request. “I like how you think, girl." She settled down next to her. A nice and quiet moment in the whirlwind they called life.

"How’re you doin'?" Paige broke the silence, and peered concernedly at her friend. Jubilee really hadn't said much to anyone since they’d gotten Angelo’s ashes.

"I'm being brave, and isn't that like all I can ask for?"

Paige reached over and hugged her. "I'm sorry, Jubes..." She felt her voice start to choke up, and all she could think of was her fallen comrade, and how unfair the world was to her, Jubilee, Angelo, Jono... To everyone. It was such an awful thing to have happened to them, but for Jubilee, it just seemed so much worse.

Jubilee hugged her back, "Thanks, but hayseed, I'll be fine. He won't want me to be sad for like ever. We'll both go on," she added, when she saw Paige's misting eyes. She glanced outside again, and noticed Jono lounging in the shade beneath a tree, "Together."

"Was that an inspirational speech, Jubilee?" Paige mocked, but she was smiling at her friend, who was smiling back at her. "You're right. We will go on together." As Paige turned back towards the window, she caught sight of Jono again, who was looking up at them from beneath a willow tree. She gave him a tentative smile, and he nodded back up at her.

Yes, they really were a family, just like before, in Generation X. And she wouldn't trade any one of them in for anything, as messed up as they all were.
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